Attention of a fake Macintosh antivirus software called “Mac Defender”

Dear all.

I got the information that the fake Macintosh antivirus software called MAC Defender was discovered. If you install this software, it will try to reveal your personal information, such as your credit-card numbers. Please be careful for Macintosh users. Then, please pay attention the following security update.

1. Software Update in Apple menu Basically, after Apple co. provides new fix program for Macintosh OS, the pop-up menu appears once a week or once a day. However, if you cancel the process, your Macintosh cannot cope with the latest security vulnerability. Please do the software update process if the pop-up menu. If you cancel it, please carry out the software update manually later.

2. Please do not believe about a security information without careful consideration. Please contact information processing office if you are hesitant.

* News related to “Mac Defender”.

May 26, 2011 Information Processing Office: Kitani.

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