WP DS FAQ Plus is the expand of WP DS FAQ plugin. The plugin bases on WP DS FAQ 1.3.3 (New version was arrived on August 19, 2011). This plugin includes the fixed some issues (Quotation and Security, such as SQL Injection and CSRF. ) , Japanese translation, improvement of interface, and SSL Admin setting.


I registered  the plugin repository for wordpress on July 9, 2012. After this, you can download and update in the plugin menu  of WordPress.

Running Version

  • WordPress 3.1 or later (Maybe 3.0 is O.K.)


Various View

  • You can select  the “Expansion of Contents” and “Sort” each categories.
  • View of latest list with some formarts.

Permissions and Safeguard

  • Separation of Administrator and Editor.
  • Various safe controls for  preventing the effacement of  contents.
  • Invisible setting of a category.

Expanded Short code

  • Public or Private
  • Sort
  • Latest lists of the specified number
  • View Formarts (li, dl, table tag and CSS control)

Linkage with other plugin

  • FAQ Rating with “WP-PostRatings” plugin.


  • The plugin is fixing the security issues, but the perfect protection is very difficult. If you find out a security issue, please contact me using “Contact Us” form.
  • Check of SQL Injection, XSS, and CSRF
  • CSRF method is one time token. (Unique key for the token is used original system without session ID.)

Compatibility of WP DS FAQ plugin

  • Keeping 100% compatibility.
  • However, both of WP DS FAQ and WP DS FAQ Plus cannot run because the short code name is same. Please disable the plugin and enable the other plugin.
  • The special features for WP DS FAQ Plus can only use during running this plugin. When WP DS FAQ is used, their features will be ignored.

 9 March, 2012  Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.
9 July, 2012:  Added information
10th January, 2013:  Fixed inforamtion