Google Hangouts Service

On 4th September, 2014, the Information processing office began to provide the Google Hangouts service to the CSEAS Account. Moreover, the Office provides the Google+ service for using the full functions of Google Hangouts.

How to use Google Hangouts

Please see the following manual.

Google Hangouts is the remote meeting system which can share a document. The Center’s Hangouts can also use some extended functions on G Suite cloud!

In detail, please see the following introduction site.

Note for Google+

Please be duly careful about the information leak!!

The service is Social Networking Service, such as Twitter and Facebook, so it can be utilized for the smooth communication and sharing information. However, Please don’t upload the private or secret information to the service!!
the information processing office provides the Google+ service for using the full functions of Google Hangouts, so the default sharing area of Google+ is only the Center’s staff. You can change the setting, but please be duly careful about the handling of the private information under your responsibility.


4th September, 2014  Information Processing Office
28th March, 2018 Fixed.