Windows 8.1 OS support will end on January 10, 2023! Users should consider renewing their devices!

Dear Windows OS users, Windows 8.1 OS support will end on January 10, 2023 (about one month away). Thereafter, there will be no more support, including support for security vulnerabilities. Reference: Windows 8.1 support will end on January 10, 2023 (Microsoft) From the viewpoint of the information security policy of CSEAS and Kyoto University, it is a guideline not to use OS and software whose support has ended. If you are using a terminal with Windows 8.1, please consider renewing your terminal (Windows 8.1 terminals are old and OS upgrade is not recommended) in this fiscal year or early next fiscal year. December 1, 2022

[Notice] : End of Support and Upgrade for “Adobe Acrobat 2017”

Dear all, Since June 6, 2022, Adobe Acrobat 2017 will be no longer supported Basically, software including operating systems has a support expiration date. Using software that is no longer supported leaves security vulnerabilities open, which can lead to serious information security incidents. Kyoto University also requires countermeasures through its information security policy and security audit. We would like to alert you to Adobe Acrobat 2017 as software that needs to be addressed urgently. For those who are affected, please consider taking action (removal or migration to the successor product)  after the expiration of support. Of course, if you are using Adobe Acrobat 2015 or an older version, please take...Read More

[Note]: Rule for use prohibition of P2P file exchange software in Kyoto University.

Dear all, In the Kyoto University network, the use of P2P file exchange software is totally prohibited except for special networks. Reference: In some cases, even external users such as teleworkers use the Kyoto University network through VPN connections. Therefore, please check if any of the listed software( is installed on the device you are using. If so, please remove it. [Prohibition Reason] According to KUINS News N.56 (written in Japanese), 1.  Overload of network resources due to the huge data transmission used by the P2P system. 2. Risk of violation of the Japanese Copyright Law due to the P2P system not being intended is very high. 3....Read More

[Notice] Response to Suspicious Site Guidance Methods Using Browser Notification Functions

Dear all, Have you ever received the following suspicious notifications while using a terminal? A virus has been detected. Your computer has been affected by a suspicious program. To remove the virus, click here. If you have, there is a good chance that you have fallen for a phishing scam that uses the notification feature to lure you to a phishing site. Even if you don’t see it, it is strongly recommended to be aware of browser notifications and to set up workarounds to prevent them. Basically, ignore or reject “Allow Notifications” When you are accessing a website, it sometimes asks you to “allow notifications”. This is used when you...Read More

[Notice]: Upgrade Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac) and 2010 for Windows to new version!

Dear all, Support of Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac and 2010 for Windows will be ended on 13th October 2020. If the above  Office version is installed in your PC, please consider to upgrade it as soon as possible. Especially, we think that Office 2016 for Mac is used by a lot of PCs because the next new version of Office 2016 will be the latest version.  Please check the Office version your PC is used. Note: Office 2016 for Mac supports macOS 10.10 or above version, but Office 2019 for Mac supports macOS 10.12 or above version. If you macOS version 10.11 or the previous version, please upgrade to...Read More

Windows 7 End of Support and Choosing new OS (Windows 10)

Dear all, Support for Windows 7 ends today (14th January, 2020). Reference: Windows 7 End of Support and Choosing your Next Operating System ( If you are using Windows 7, please consider the following plan. Buy new PC Upgrade to Windows 10 The information processing office has checked the status of Windows 7 use and has been contacting individually to the staffs. Note: Illegal use is to use Windows 10 Free Update Tool except the following special condition! Special condition:  A PC had been ever upgraded to Windows 10 by the end of Windows 10 free upgrade period (at 19:00 on 29th July, 2016). This is Microsoft Official Opinion as...Read More

[Notice] : Please upgrade if you use Adobe Acrobat software products which the support was ended or will be ended soon.

Dear all, The support lifecycle is set by more software, including OS. Please keep in mind that the use of support ended software will provide a case of a critical information security incident because a security vulnerability isn’t supported. As you know, the support of Windows 7 OS will be ended on 13th January 2020. If you use Windows7 OS, please upgrade to Windows10 as soon as possible. Then, we would like to notify you about the end of support products regarding Adobe Acrobat. How to check the Adobe Acrobat version The lifecycle of Adobe Products Support The Support will be ended on 7th April 2020 Please consider upgrading the...Read More

[Important]: Please be careful about phishing e-mail!

Dear all, A phishing e-mail was sent to many CSEAS and CIAS e-mail addresses on 29th September. From: yourself or ML (including your e-mail address) Subject: ハッキングされています!すぐにパスワードを変更してください! (English translation: Hacked! Please change your password!) This is phishing e-mail, so please ignore the e-mail. At least, please open a link (URL) for a password change in an e-mail message if you haven’t handled your password change process from the website of Google. Regards, Kitani, Chief of Information Processing office.

[Critical Notice: For Mac Users]: Attention to Upgrade to new macOS 10.15 (Catalina)

Dear all, Currently, the release information regarding iOS 13 and iPhone 11 is the hot news! The languages regarding the Center will be supported. Keyboard: Burmese, Khmer, Lao, and Central Asian languages. Dictionary: Thai – English,  Vietnamese – English Well,  according to some news,  new macOS 10.15 (Catalina) will be launched out soon. To upgrade macOS is a very easy operation, but please keep in mind that some software might not be worked on a new OS. Ex. Office 2011 for Mac might not be worked on new OS because Office 2011 support was ended already. Please upgrade to Office 2019 for Mac. Need to upgrade CSEAS ESET! If CSEAS ESET installs to your...Read More


Dear all, Temporary closing notice of Information Processing Office due to the moving operation for the renovation of the east building. The information processing office will announce about the restart of the office. Closing period of the information processing office [Date]; July 25, 2019 — middle or late of August Tentative relocation destination Inamori Center 2F I217 Then, the computer room (2F E210 at the east building) will be also closed tentatively since July 25, 2019. Closing period of the computer room July 25, 2019 — 2020 fiscal year (The detail is not yet). Please see the announcement by e-mail how to use the copy machine during the renovation of...Read More