[Note]: Rule for use prohibition of P2P file exchange software in Kyoto University.

Dear all,

In the Kyoto University network, the use of P2P file exchange software is totally prohibited except for special networks.

Reference: https://www.iimc.kyoto-u.ac.jp/en/services/kuins/application/p2p.html

In some cases, even external users such as teleworkers use the Kyoto University network through VPN connections.

Therefore, please check if any of the listed software(https://www.iimc.kyoto-u.ac.jp/ja/services/kuins/application/p2p.html) is installed on the device you are using. If so, please remove it.

[Prohibition Reason]
According to KUINS News N.56 (written in Japanese),

1.  Overload of network resources due to the huge data transmission used by the P2P system.
2. Risk of violation of the Japanese Copyright Law due to the P2P system not being intended is very high.
3. The Risk of private information leak due to the infection of computer viruses through the P2P system is very high.

Information Processing Office

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