Information Security Policy

Security Policy for Information Devices

  • Security Management of Information Devices
    • The Chief Administrator (the office supervisor or the owner) assumes a security responsibility.
    • The Chief Administrator serves as the information system technical person.
      * The information system technical person serves as the coordinator for the supervising staff.
  • Network Connection
    • Before the information device is connected to the Center’s wired network, the user has to get the authorization by the information processing office.
      * The information processing office will carry out the security check in the information device and the office will install the Center’s security software in case of the authorized PC. The reason is for preventing it from various security threats.
    • Adjustment of the PC clock
  • PC Software Management (Tentative stopped until the new system will be available due to the PC Scan system was discontinued)
    The information system technical person (chief administrator) assumes responsibility for the coordination (for supervising staff) regarding the software registration in the PC using the PC Scan system provided by Kyoto University.

Moreover, please pay attention to the prohibition of P2P software under the information security policy of Kyoto University.


How to cope with the security threat, such as a computer virus

In the case of the Center’s staff, please contact the information processing office immediately! The office fully supports about the security issue. At least, Please carry out the security measure in the PC because a lot of malware (including computer virus)  has been coming to the Center.

  1.  Prevention Measures for malicious software to the external media.
  2.  Recommendation of PC Security Check (Windows/Macintosh).

If you have a doubt about the infection regarding malicious software, please contact the information processing office.
We support to clean up the malicious software.

* The connection of the Center’s network (LAN) is prohibitive for the private PC which was purchased at the external of Japan  because the countermeasure is very difficult when the PC is infected with the malicious software. Concretely, we cannot clean up the OS in the PC because in most cases, there are no recovery media (OS and Applications)  <Normally, these media are stored in the user’s home in the external of Japan. We recommend to use the Wi-Fi of Kyoto University about the PCs.


PC Security System

The Center has established the following rule since April, 2014 because the infection damage of malicious software rapidly increased. Since April 2020, the Center decided to only permit to use the Center’s LAN and the Center’s security software the staffs who are employed by the Center. The Center’s security software installed on the terminals of non-employee members (affiliate reseachers, etc.) will be removed during fiscal year 2020. Please check the security system of your PC. If you use Windows10, please check to enable “Windows Defender”. If they want to use the network, please use Kyoto University Wi-Fi (required ECS-ID). Then, attend the information security e-learning.

  • All PCs which connect to the Center’s network must pursuant to the Center’s security rule.
  • Exception
    • In the network of Bangkok and Jakarta Liaison Office, the guest’s  PCs expect from the policy.

Definition of the Center’s network

  • Network of Bangkok and Jakarta Liaison Office.

Then, when you use the Center’s network, you have to pursuant the security check rules.

Security Rules

1. PC Security Check

Basically, the PC has to be done the PC security check by the information processing office.
The Office will check about Recommendation of PC Security Check (Windows/Macintosh).

2. Installation of PC Security Software

The Center’s PCs (registered with the Center’s equipment) have to install the Center’s security software.
In other cases, the PC  has to install the Center’s security software by connecting to the Center’s network.

If the Center’s staff wants to install the security software to the private PC, please contact us.

3. Check the PC security status Implementation of PC Scan (The system  was discontinued on the end of October 2017)

This system has been started since 2009 fiscal year.
The PC has to implement the PC Scan each fiscal year.

By the PC Scan, the Center has been checking the security problem.

  • Check of the Installation status of PC Security software
  • Check of the Installation status of P2P software (File sharing software).
    * In the network of Kyoto University, including the Center,  the use of P2P software is prohibited by the information security policy of Kyoto University.


  • Dispensation of the Security Rules
    • The PC which was purchased at the external of Japan and non-employee members is excepted from the Security Rules. However,  the PC cannot connect to the Center’s network. If the user wants to connect to the Internet, please use Wi-Fi provided by Kyoto University. Of course, please pay attention the PC security.
  • Dispensation of the Center’s security software
    • The private PC which hasn’t been connected to the Center’s network does not need to install the Center’s security software.
    • If the contact person of the information security system (Chief of Information Processing Office) allows, the  Pc does not need to install the Center’s security software.

PC Security Software

The Center has provided the software for Windows and Macintosh in the Download site (required the Center’s ID, refer to the Local Application page) since the 2005 fiscal year. The system was upgraded on 11th March, 2014 and April 2017. WindowsXP/Vista was excepted from the support and the PC security software were migrated to the ESET products.

The Center's security software

Software NameOSVersionComment
ESET EndPoint SecurityWindows8.1/8/7/Vista
MacOS 10.6 or later
5.x/6.xWindows (5.x) / Macintosh (4.x)
ESET EndPoint AntivirusWindows8.1/8/7/Vista
Windows Server 2008/2013/2016
5.x/6.xFor Special cases, such as the server.

The software is customized including the allocation control regarding FIREWALL for preventing from the illegal access.

Transition of the number of the utilized software in each fiscal year.