(Note) Rule for use prohibition of P2P file exchange software in Kyoto University.

Dear network users.

In Kyoto University, the use of P2P software is decided to be prohibited in principle. About major P2P software, please see the following lists provided by the network center of Kyoto University. About the rule, please see no. 11 in the document (written in Japanese). Then, about detail information, please see the KUINS web site (written in Japanese).

  • Winny
  • WinMX
  • BitTorrent
  • eMule
  • Edonkey
  • Gnutella
  • Kazaa
  • Winnyp
  • Share
  • Shareaza
  • perfect dark
  • Profes
  • StealthNet
  • LimeWire
  • Cabos
  • Morpheus
  • Napster
  • Xunlei

The chat and communication software like Skype are not within target of  restriction because the software has P2P function, but it’s not main function. 

[Prohibition Reason]

According to KUINS News N.56 (written in Japanese),

  • Overload of network resource due to the huge data transmission used by P2P system
  • Risk to do the violation of the Japanese Copyright Law due to P2P system not intended is very high.
  • Risk of private information leak due to the infection of computer virus through P2P system is very high.

[Approach of the Center]

If P2P software was discovered  in our network, information processing office will make efforts to remove it. Moreover, by using scanning tool called “PC Scan”, information processing office has been investigating the status of security software and P2P software to all PCs among the network. If the problem was discovered, information processing office will cope with it. If you have downloaded the big data, the P2P software might be installed without your awareness. Information processing office strongly recommends the regular check of the installation software.


7th July, 2011 Chief of Information processing office: Kitani.



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