How to set up multi-lingual input system with Screen Keyboard on Windows 7 (Lao)

Windows 7 supports Lao language. However, it’s hard to input Lao character on a keyboard (US keyboard, Japanese keyboard, and so on) without a Lao keyboard. I’d like to introduce the input method with Screen Keyboard. Firstly, I explain about how to use it. Secondary, I explain about how to set up it. How to use it Run a software (application) Run  “Screen Keyboard” (You had better put on the shortcut on the task bar) Select “LA (Lao)”. Click a character on the Screen Keyboard or push the keyboard.  If characters on the Screen Keyboard aren’t changed, select “LA (Kao)” language again (Reference: No.3).   How to set up it...Read More

Cannot complete Windows Update on Windows 7!

It was hard to solve the issue for a long time, but we could succeed to solve several issues, so I inform the information for an IT administrator. Run Disk Cleanup in Windows7 Restart Winodws7 Get a latest updater of Windows Update Client Stop some service on Windows7 (wuauserv, cryptSvc, bits, msiserver) Open the latest updater of Windows Update Client and apply it. Restart Windows 7 Run Windows Update (Wait 5 or 10 minutes) In case of forgetting to run Windows Update for a long time The apply of the latest updater of Windows Update Client  may be failure if Windows Update weren’t applied more than a year. If it’s failure,...Read More

(Local) How to transfer CSEAS Gmail data to personal Gmail.

Dear CSEAS members. The Center has been providing Gmail (Google Apps for Education) since 2008 fiscal year. This is popular system, so it’s easy accessible. However, it’s hard work about the transfer of Gmail data after you left from the Center. Therefore, we would like to explain how to transfer it for seamlessly continuing   your research/educational activities. Center’s Support Support to transfer CSEAS Gmail to personal Gmail. Support to store CSEAS Gmail to “Thunderbird Portable” (Only Visiting Research Fellows) Then, we do the different support before/after leaving from the Center. How to transfer CSEAS Gmail to personal Gmail Step 0. Submit the application for leaving from the Center. Basically, the CSEAS account will...Read More

[Local] How to use Word and Excel OCR function in the copy machine (Fujixerox ApeosPort-V C6680)

Dear all, The copy machine in the computer room was renewed, so we introduce about new OCR function. The function is unavailable on “store to USB memory”. In the room, please use on “Scan to PC”. Tap “FileFormat” button and tap “More…” button.   Tap “Microsoft Office Format…”.   Tap “Word” or “Excel”. And Select the language in “Text Settings” (English, Japanese, Korean, or Chinese).   After the settings are finished, tap “Save” button. *We don’t check about the detail information of this  function, please try to use it if you have an interest. 25th June, 2014  Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.

[Mac Users]: Update Failure on Sophos Antivirus

Users. In case of using Sophos Anvirus 8 or above version in MacOS Mavericks (10.9), the software update for Sophos Antivirus is sometimes failure. If this trouble occurs in the PC, Please carry out the following steps. Step 1. Overwrite install Sophos Antivirus 9.0.0 In case of the Center’s staffs, please access to the following download site and install the Sophos Antivirus 9.0.0. –  (User Authorization)   Step 2. Update the program and virus definitions Please select “Update Now” in the shield icon of the upper navigation menu.(Sorry, the following image is in Japansese.  “今すぐアップデート” means “Update Now”. And please carry out “Update Now” again until “Sophos Anti-Virus is up...Read More

How to start Google Hangout Party

The service renewed Google Hangouts Meet. Please see the page about the Meet service. The page is still keeping for archiving the history. Google Hangout Party is the function for providing the place of Group video meeting (maximum 10 persons). The host user establishes the meeting place and the members participate in the place. Host user establishes the meeting place. Host user invites the members (Call member or inform the access URL) A)  Direct Call In case that the member already uses Google Hangout, the host user can call the member B)  URL Access Host user informs the URL of Google Hangout Party (in the web browser)  to the members...Read More

(Important) To Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS6) users.

Dear CSEAS Users. According to Adobe critical announcement, the trouble may arise that the Acrobat software doesn’t work when you launch it  30 days after installing the CS6. after 30 days when you install Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS6). Today, the Office encountered the trouble, so please be careful if you install CS6. To Visiting Research Fellow.   The CS6 isn’t installed in the Desktop PC which the Center provides. Information Resource Acrobat Help / Doesn’t launch after 30 days | Installed as part of a CS6 suite Notice PLEASE check your “Adobe ID” and “License number (Serial Number)” before you cope with this issue. By this operation, you have to carry...Read More

(Local) How to use the Dropbox in the network of Kyoto University

Users. The web proxy setting is needed in the network of Kyoto University. If you cannot sync the Dropbox data, please check the following setting. Click on “Dropbox Icon” in the task bar. Click the gear icon and select “Preferences” menu. Please check the proxy setting.  if the Dropbox cannot sync using  “Auto Detection” setting, please try to set up the manually-settings.       Proxy Type: HTTP       Server:       Port: 8080* The manually-settings can be  only used in the network of Kyoto University. When you use in the outside of the network, please change the setting to “Auto Detection” or “None”. 16th, April, 2013  Chief of...Read More

(Local) How to use CSEAS mail address in the personal Gmail.

Users. The Center provides the e-mail system called “Gmail” for “” domain.Basically, the e-mail address is used for the research activity in the Center. However, the personal e-mail address is sometimes used for a special reason in various research activities. By the information security policy, the internal committee’s ML can be only posted from the Center’s e-mail address.   Therefore, Please use the sender address changing system  (personal Gmail and so on) in case of the special reason.I explain the way for the personal Gmail as follow: Notice The Office haven’t done  the support for Personal Gmail.You’d like the support, please use Gmail Help Forum.  Preparation First of all, please check the...Read More

How to check in case that the trouble occurred in the menu of WordPress with WPML plugin

There are frequent trouble regarding WPML in this Center, so I would like to write the FAQ. In case that other language menu was displayed. * For example, English is main language and Japanese is translated language.  Login the WordPress Click on “Appearance” menu in the left side menu and select “Menus”. Click on “Japanese” in the upper left menu and check each menus.   Language: Japanese   Translation of : English menu (Original)  Click on “Save Menu” button.   Then, you will confirm that the trouble is fixed. If the trouble cannot resolve,  Contact  Developer company which created the web site. Restore all data in the database. About the restoring operation,...Read More