How to start Google Hangout Party

The service renewed Google Hangouts Meet.

Please see the page about the Meet service.

The page is still keeping for archiving the history.

Google Hangout Party is the function for providing the place of Group video meeting (maximum 10 persons).
The host user establishes the meeting place and the members participate in the place.

  1. Host user establishes the meeting place.
  2. Host user invites the members (Call member or inform the access URL)

A)  Direct Call
In case that the member already uses Google Hangout, the host user can call the member

B)  URL Access
Host user informs the URL of Google Hangout Party (in the web browser)  to the members by e-mail and so on.

* Every Google users can serve as the host user.

For using Google Hangout, the Google account with Google+ is required.
About the startup of Google+, please see “Appendix – How to start Google+” in the manual.
* The Center provides Google account for the e-mail service (
However, the Center’s account cannot use Google+ except the test users. If the Center’s staff would like to join to the test program, please contact the information processing office.


  • [download id=75 /] (PDF)
  • [download id=77 /] (PDF)

The participator’s version is excerpt from the participator section in [download id=75 /].


 High network band is needed for using the video communication. In some cases, the members may disable the video (audio only). Please adjust about the setting.

 * Please look over the system requirements for Google Hangout.
In case of using the meeting room, a PC with the sound collector is needed for avoiding the audio feedback.
And you should prepare the instrument of direct call if the video meeting cannot be available, such as the Internet trouble.

5th November, 2013  Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.

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