(Important) To Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS6) users.

Dear CSEAS Users.

According to Adobe critical announcement, the trouble may arise that the Acrobat software doesn’t work when you launch it  30 days after installing the CS6. after 30 days when you install Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS6). Today, the Office encountered the trouble, so please be careful if you install CS6.

To Visiting Research Fellow.
   The CS6 isn’t installed in the Desktop PC which the Center provides.

Information Resource


PLEASE check your “Adobe ID” and “License number (Serial Number)” before you cope with this issue. By this operation, you have to carry out the Adobe online authorization again.

Adobe ID

If you installed the CS6, you have the Adobe ID because the ID was required for activating the license when you installed. In case of the personal case, I think that you used your E-mail address for creating the Adobe ID.

Please check your Adobe ID  if you forgot, referring to the following web page.

The License Authorization Number (Serial Number)

If you installed the CS6 using the license software, you have the deed of the Adobe license. Please see the license authorization number in it. Else if you installed the CS6 using the package version, please see the serial number. 

How to cope with this issue

Please see “Acrobat Help / Doesn’t launch after 30 days | Installed as part of a CS6 suite“.

3rd June, 2013   Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.

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