Recommendation of PC Security Check (Windows/Macintosh)

The aim of this page is the introduction of basic security measures. When a private PC is brought in or new PC is purchased, I hope that this page will serve as helpful.

1. Condition Check of PC Security Software.

  • Check of whether the virus definition of security software is the latest version.
    Basically, the allowable range is within one week.
  • Check of whether the security software is too old version.
    Baseline is that the version of security software is above 3 years ago.

In case that there is room to suspect some

In case that a computer virus is detected

First, you cut off the PC from the network as fast as possible and you should back up your important data into an external media. And then, you should reinstall the OS for cleaning up the computer virus. If you cannot reinstall the OS (In case that the recovery disk was lost or there is no recovery disk at hand), the use of PC should be stopped. For resuming, you need to try to get the recovery disk from the PC shop or the support center for the PC.

For Macintosh

To my knowledge, there is not online virus scan service for Macintosh among trustworthy services. Therefore, if the installed anti-virus software is too old or is not installed, you had better remove old software and install Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition (Only for Private PC). About the installation manual, you had better the movie of  “How to install“.  And then, you try to do the virus scan, referring to the movie of “How to clean up any found threats

2.  OS Update to Latest version

This is most important issue in case of using a PC. By this update, you will be able to protect various attacks through OS. Moreover, you can expect the improvement of

  • (Windows)
    This is very important operation. You should access to above web site and carry out the update. By this update, the OS and Microsoft software (Office and so on) will be updated.
  • (Macintosh) Select “Software Update” in Apple menu (at upper left).
    By this operation, the OS and a part of printer driver will be updated.

3. Web Application Update to Latest version

The security protection of web applications is very important issue because for easily attacking the security vulnerabilities.

a. Adobe Flash Player

At least, you need to check 2 times if you use more than one web browser, such as not only  the “Internet Explorer”, but also Firefox, Opera, and so on.
* In case of Google Chrome, you don’t need to update because the web browser is involved “Adobe Flash Player” and it automatically updates.
* “Adobe Flash Player” has been being frequently updated, so you need to check the version frequently.

If it is not latest version, please update it. Or you had better update without the version check.
If the update is failure, please check the following site.

b. Adobe Reader / Acrobat

By using various security vulnerabilities regarding “PDF”, the following attacks may be carried out.
– When “PDF” file was opened, the administrative permission of the PC may be automatically taken over by an attacker.
– When “PDF” file was opened, the PC may automatically download an computer virus and install it.
As a result that “PDF” reader and editor has been being equipped various functions, various vulnerabilities also increase.

There are two countermeasures regarding PDF.

1) Update to Latest version

  • Open “PDF” file and select “Check for Updates” in the upper “Help” menu.
    * Please continue to update  until there is no the update.

If you use the free version called “Adobe Acrobat Reader”,  you had better directly update using the latest software .

2) Disable JavaScript function

  1. Open “PDF” file and select “Preferences” in the upper “Edit” menu.
  2. Click on “JavaScript” in the left side menu, and then check off “Use Adobe JavaScript”.

Especially, by disabling JavaScript function, you will be able to prevent  from most of security vulnerabilities because an evil attack code using JavaScript cannot carry out.  Well, when “PDF” file with JavaScript code is opened, the dialogue box, “Do you enable JavaScript?”, will appear. In this case, basically, you should cancel it if you don’t understand the function of “PDF”. Most of  “PDF” file with JavaScript  is questionnaire form.

c. Web Browser and E-mail software

You need to check all installed web browsers. In case of “Internet Explorer”, please carry out “Microsoft Update“.

4. Other Updates to Recommend

To check all software is very hard work. Therefore, at least, I recommend the implementation of  above items (1, 2, 3). And then, if there is your available capacity, you had better check the others.

Sun Oracle Java

This software needs for running the application with Java technology.
If “Sun Java” was already installed, the dialogue box encouraging  the upgrade to the latest version sometimes appears. If  it appears, you had better update it. In case of the setting up new PC, you had better manually install it.

5. Security Countermeasure for External Media

The external medias, such as USB memory and HDD, are easily infected with computer virus. At least, you had better consider the following countermeasures.

a. Prevention Measures for malicious software to the external media

b. Use of the product with anti-virus function


October 22, 2014:  Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.

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