Introduction of Free Antivirus for Mac

Basically, Please use the Antivirus product in case of the company or organization. Because not only the organization but also you assume a responsibility for the information risks, such as the information leak. When you use the PC in the company or organization, please contact IT staff or department because you should check the information security policy. In case of the Center’s staff, please contact the information processing office before you use your PC in the Center. We have to consider that the security protection is needed to the staff’s PCs for Home use because they sometimes share the data between the business PCs and the private PCs. Of course,...Read More

[Local] Please change the CSEAS security software for Mac users.

* This is the local announcement, but we published it for sharing the approach. Dear Mac Users in the Center, As we have already informed, please change the CSEAS security software for your Mac.Please see the following handling manual. Note: Sophos Antivurs for Mac –> ESET Antivirus for Mac   Step 1. Download the security software Please access to the local download site of the security software  and download the installer. Open the downloaded file. →   Please check the 4 files in the folder. Step 2. Uninstall “Sophos AntiVirus for Mac” Right Click (Ctrl+Click) on “Uninstall_SophosAntiVirus” icon. Please input your id and password for installing the software in your Mac. Please follows the...Read More

How to Unregister “VGX.DLL”

In case of Vista/7/8/8.1, you need to use “command prompt (Admin)”.This is difficult operation, so we recommend the unregistration tool developed by Mr. Sheiichi Nishimura. This tool message is in Japanese, but it can use in English (we checked Windows 8 in English).We would like to explain the blog (in Japanese). How to use the tool called “IE_Remove_VGX_DLL” Step 1. Download the tool “コメント/感想を書いてください” means that please write the comment about this tool (optional). Please “ダウンロード” (Download) button. Click on the download link.  IE_Remove_VGX_DLLl Ver0.2(.NET 2版)をダウンロード     *English Translation:  Download IE_Remove_VGX_DLLl Ver0.2 for .NET Frameworks 2.0  for Windows7/Vista/XP.  IE_Remove_VGX_DLLl Ver0.2(.NET 4版)をダウンロード    *English Translation:  Download IE_Remove_VGX_DLLl Ver...

How to install EMET

Certain period is needed for coping with newly-discovered software security vulnerability.Zero-day attack is to attack during the period unpatched by the software developer from the newly-discovered security vulnerability. The EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit) tries to protect the zero-day attack. Please remember that the security countermeasure cannot protect perfectly. Sometimes, the tool may be able to protect the zero-day attack. Of course, you had better install the tool. Download The latest version is EMET 4.1 on April 30, 2014.  * EMET 5.0 is introduced, but the version is technical preview for the developer . Installation Open the downloaded tool.* If the following error displays, please download and install Microsoft .NET Framework version...Read More

(N/A) Microsoft Security Essentials for a research in the University

Users, The CSEAS PCs are not problem because the CSEAS security software has been installed in them  in the CSEAS network.  However, PLEASE pay attention for the private PCs in the home use or the wireless network use. According to the software license agreement of Microsoft Security Essentials, people cannot use the software for a research in the University even if it is the private PC. If you use this software in your PC for a research, please remove it and install other software. Related Information Newsletter No.70 in Kyoto University Integrated Network Services (in Japanese) Microsoft Answer (in Japanese) 17th December, 2013  Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.

(Notice) How to uninstall BrowserProtect (Adware)?

Adware in the malware is used for commercial use. The function has that an unexpected scan to the PC information will be done without the user agreement. Therefore, its software is not a computer virus, but most security software judges the risky software because of the risk of information leak.  Normally, the user runs the uninstall software, but when the user uses the 64bit of Windows OS, the uninstaller cannot work. If the uninstaller does not work, you had better refer to the following information. Completely Uninstall BrowserProtect 1.1.2 from Computer And then, I found out above special case, so I removed the software using the following manual operation. Forcibly...Read More

How to clean up the unsafe software called “Babylon”

Users. I cleaned up “Babylon” software because there was the request for deletion. As a result of the operation, I felt that it is difficult to prevent from it.  Therefore, I would like to explain how to clean up it and do the tentative preventive measures. The Office  continues to test about the steps.  Is Babylon software threat? I cannot allege that it’s the threat because I could not get the sure information. (the information was reported in some blogs that it served as a spyware, but they cannot be verified.  However, at least, I can say, “The software involves an unwanted function” because it is very hard to remove the...Read More

How to install and use a “Spybot Search & Destory” tool.

Why is this tool required? Spyware undetectable by a single security software is beginning to be reported.  This tool has very simple function for preventing a spyware.  And it has high compatibility with a security software. The signal to write this article  is that I received a request  for cleaning up “Babylon” spyware. The infected PC has already installed the security software called “ESET Smart Security 4.2” with latest virus definition, but it was infected.  For cleaning up “Babylon” spyware and doing preventive measures, the tool contributed. About  this spyware, I will write other article. This time, I woud like to explain how to install and use the tool. Compatibility...Read More

How to automatically update Dropbox client software for Mac

* Now,  I don’t still know the way for  Windows. In case of a Cloud software like Dropbox, the security precaution is very important issue. Because frequent update is required in order for these software to prevent from various security vulnerabilities. Of course, many software equipped an automatic-updating function, but there is not the function in the Dropbox yet. I’m Macintosh user, and I recently began to use some Cloud software like Dropbox for utilizing a data sharing (Mainly, a data sharing among my PCs) and for a technical support. The Dropbox is very convenience, but the  security precaution is very inconvenience. As result of my search,  I could find...Read More

(Resolved) Lifecycle Issue of Windows Vista for Home Users

Users. Did you know that the support of Windows Vista for home use will be finished on April 10, 2012? After the support period is finished, Microsoft won’t support any troubles and security vulnerabilities. This was very serious issue, but Microsoft co. decided to postpone the support period in January, 2012. * About edition, please check “System” in the control panel.  Support Period for Windows Home Use Edition (Change on March 8, 2012) Support Period for Windows Corporate Edition Period of Microsoft products is for 10 years  5 years. In case of corporate edition, the support will be postponed 5 years. (Total support is for 10 years) To postpone the...Read More