(Resolved) Lifecycle Issue of Windows Vista for Home Users


Did you know that the support of Windows Vista for home use will be finished on April 10, 2012? After the support period is finished, Microsoft won’t support any troubles and security vulnerabilities. This was very serious issue, but Microsoft co. decided to postpone the support period in January, 2012.

* About edition, please check “System” in the control panel. 

Support Period for Windows Home Use Edition (Change on March 8, 2012)

OSSupport End Date
Windows7 StarterJanuary 13, 2015 --> January 14, 2020
Windows7 Home BasicJanuary 13, 2015--> January 14, 2020
Windows 7 Home PremiumJanuary 13, 2015--> January 14, 2020
Vista Home Basic SP2April 10, 2012--> April 11, 2017
Vista Home Premium SP2適応版April 10, 2012--> April 11, 2017
Vista Ultimate SP2April 10, 2012--> April 11, 2017
XP Home SP3April 8, 2014
XP Media Center SP3April 8, 2014

Support Period for Windows Corporate Edition

Windows7 ProfessionalJanuary 14, 2020
Windows7 EnterpriseJanuary 14, 2020
Vista Business SP2April 11, 2017
Vista Enterprise SP2April 11, 2017
XP Professional SP3April 8, 2014
  • Period of Microsoft products is for 10 years  5 years.
  • In case of corporate edition, the support will be postponed 5 years. (Total support is for 10 years)
  • To postpone the support period of Windows XP was the exception measure due to failure of Windows Vista

The Office has always recommended the purchase of the corporate edition, so the corporate edition is used in most Center’s PCs. Please pay attention about the software lifecycle (Especially, OS). At least, if you carried out “PC Scan”, the Office can alert about the finish of OS support.

 28th November, 2011  Chief of Information Processing Office:  Kitani.
8th March, 2012: Added.
Document Source is at the staff meeting in October 2011.

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