How to automatically update Dropbox client software for Mac

* Now,  I don’t still know the way for  Windows.

In case of a Cloud software like Dropbox, the security precaution is very important issue. Because frequent update is required in order for these software to prevent from various security vulnerabilities. Of course, many software equipped an automatic-updating function, but there is not the function in the Dropbox yet.

I’m Macintosh user, and I recently began to use some Cloud software like Dropbox for utilizing a data sharing (Mainly, a data sharing among my PCs) and for a technical support. The Dropbox is very convenience, but the  security precaution is very inconvenience. As result of my search,  I could find out the software for automatically updating the Dropbox, so I would like to introduce it.


  1. Download MacDropUpdate in a Zibity site.
  2. Extract (Uncompress) the download file (ZIP compressed) .
  3. Copy the MacDropUpdate to Application folder in a Macintosh HD.
  4. Open the MacDropUpdate and  click on “Run MacDropUpdate” button, so the Dropbox will be automatically update by the software.
    * While the software is running, it checks the Dropbox version one time in 6 hours.
    * If a Growl software is installed, you can receive a completion notice  if the Dropbox is updated.
  5. Open “System Preferences” and add MacDropUpdate software to Login item in a User and Groups. 

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8th May, 2012  Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.

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