Recommendation of PC Security Check (Windows/Macintosh)

The aim of this page is the introduction of basic security measures. When a private PC is brought in or new PC is purchased, I hope that this page will serve as helpful. 1. Condition Check of PC Security Software. Check of whether the virus definition of security software is the latest version. Basically, the allowable range is within one week. Check of whether the security software is too old version. Baseline is that the version of security software is above 3 years ago. In case that there is room to suspect some   * I think that the following web site is helpful for doing the virus scan. More

How to update Microsoft Office with version history

Most Important thing for safely and stably using software is to use latest version. To upgrade a product needs decent cost including technical supporting power, but at least the update of maintenance version is needed. Office is one of very important software for writing a document, various calculation, making a presentation, and so on. By updating latest version, various troubles may be solved. [How to update] * In case of Windows version, please access to  (Microsoft Update). About Macintosh version, please see the following explanation. Click “Check for Updates” in the “Help” menu after one of Word/Excel/PowerPoint is started up. * In case of using company or university network,...Read More

Easy Countermeasure to computer virus for the external media like USB memory / HDD

Dear all. As Information processing office has already announced at many times, there are many computer viruses around our activities. At least, Computer virus has been detected once two days. Please check again whether “Autorun.inf” folder is in the top of your internal and external media or not. If there is not it, please create “Autorun.inf” folder. About the detail information, please see “”. * The main aim is not to prevent the infection. By this countermeasure, even if the external media is infected with computer virus, the automatic infection will be prevented when you insert it to the PC. 12th September, 2011: Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.

(Critical issue) Correspondence for Illegal SSL Certificates

Users. Information Processing Office already informed about this issue at . However, I think that the influence area is very large scale, so in case of famous web browsers and e-mail softwares, I summarized below about the measure. There are two approaches three steps for solving this issue. [Step 1]: OS WindowsXP Access to Microsoft Update, and select “Custom” button. Click “Software, Optional” in the left side menu. And Select  “Update of Root Certificates” and Install it in “Review and install updates”.* If there is not “Update of Root Certificates”, Internet Explorer uses latest version of Root Certificates. Windows Vista/7の場合 Access to Microsoft Update. If “Check for Updates” button is displayed, please click...Read More

HP Information Security

The Contents Management System (CMS) becomes mainstream for editing HP. Then, the editor makes up the HP using the web browser. In this case,  the administrator has to consider not only the countermeasure for preventing falsification of web site but also the backward incidence after the web site is hacked. Because if the HP editor’s password leaks due to computer virus or other various triggers, the influence will cause damage to the Internet users. In most cases, the web server has already protected by various security system. However, the attackers try to steal the web editor’s password by using various approaches. About some famous approaches, please see the end of...Read More