(Notice) How to uninstall BrowserProtect (Adware)?

Adware in the malware is used for commercial use. The function has that an unexpected scan to the PC information will be done without the user agreement. Therefore, its software is not a computer virus, but most security software judges the risky software because of the risk of information leak. 

Normally, the user runs the uninstall software, but when the user uses the 64bit of Windows OS, the uninstaller cannot work.

If the uninstaller does not work, you had better refer to the following information.

And then, I found out above special case, so I removed the software using the following manual operation.

  1. Forcibly Stop “BrowserProtect” in the Task Manager
  2. Remove the registration data regarding “BrowserProtect” in Registory.
  3. Remove “browserprotect” folder in the “ProgramData” (Hidden folder).
  4. Restart Windows OS.
  5. If “BrowserProtect” in the Task Manager does not run, you can think that the adware is cleaned up.

5th April, 2013  Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.

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