Windows 7 End of Support and Choosing new OS (Windows 10)

Dear all,

Support for Windows 7 ends today (14th January, 2020).

Reference: Windows 7 End of Support and Choosing your Next Operating System (

If you are using Windows 7, please consider the following plan.

  • Buy new PC
  • Upgrade to Windows 10

The information processing office has checked the status of Windows 7 use and has been contacting individually to the staffs.

Note: Illegal use is to use Windows 10 Free Update Tool except the following special condition!

Special condition:  A PC had been ever upgraded to Windows 10 by the end of Windows 10 free upgrade period (at 19:00 on 29th July, 2016).

This is Microsoft Official Opinion as a result of inquiring by Kyoto University.

14th January, 2020: Information Processing Office.

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