[Notice]: Upgrade Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac) and 2010 for Windows to new version!

Dear all,

Support of Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac and 2010 for Windows will be ended on 13th October 2020.
If the above  Office version is installed in your PC, please consider to upgrade it as soon as possible.

Especially, we think that Office 2016 for Mac is used by a lot of PCs because the next new version of Office 2016 will be the latest version.  Please check the Office version your PC is used.

Note: Office 2016 for Mac supports macOS 10.10 or above version, but Office 2019 for Mac supports macOS 10.12 or above version. If you macOS version 10.11 or the previous version, please upgrade to the latest version before upgrade to Office 2019 for Mac.

How to confirm the Office version

Please check the license item for information on verifying your version of Office for Mac. If you use Office 2016 for Mac,

  • Volume License 2016

If you use Microsoft 365 license, the Office is automatically upgraded by the Office Auto-update program. Please open Office Auto-update program and confirm to up-to-date your Office.

Office license of Kyoto University

There are two types.

All of them are subscription-based (annual contract), so please be careful about the expiration date. If you are unsure of the expiration date, please contact the Kyoto University Co-op.

Software which support is terminated becomes a nest of illegal access

The software in which support is terminated won’t be supported even if the security vulnerability will be discovered.
To keep the status is the large-scale threat for not only the Center but also Kyoto University.

According to the information security policy of Kyoto University, we have a responsibility for doing the countermeasure for information security vulnerabilities. Therefore, basically, the use of software in which support is terminated isn’t permitted in Kyoto University network.

29th July 2020:  Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.

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