(Trouble Report) OKI DATA Printer trouble in MacOS 10.6.8

Dear all.

In case of using MacOS 10.6.8, the following trouble may happen.

  1. Cannot restart printer queue.
  2. Printer is normal, but the following messages appear to the printer LCD menu.
    • Ink/toner waste bin full!
    • OPC at end-of-life!
    • OPC almost at end-of-life.

In case 2, you had better ignore the error messages.

In case 1, you need to fix the driver information file (PPD).



[How to fix PPD file (case 1)] (Source is in Japanese)
* Note: If OS fix this trouble, please remove the following setting.

  1. Open “/etc/cups/ppd” hidden folder.
    1. Open “Terminal” applicaiton in Utility folder in Applicaiton folder.
    2. Type “open /etc/cups/ppd” and push Enter key.
  2. You search the registered printer name (for example: C810.ppd) and copy it to “Desktop”.
    [How to copy it to “Desktop”]: Please drag it and drop to “Desktop” while pushing “Option” key.
  3. Open PPD file.
    If your text editor application cannot directly open PPD file, please check the following operation.
    1. Open TextEdit aplication.
    2. Select “Open” in the “File” upper menu.
    3. Select “PPD” file in the desktop.
    4. Select “UTF-8” in the “Text Encoding” option.
    5. Click “Open” button.
  4. Search “*NickName:” and add the following command below it.
    *cupsSNMPSupplies: False
  5. Save the file.
  6. Replace this file to “/etc/cpus/ppd” folder.


6th July, 2011  Chief of Information processing office: Kitani.


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