(Note) Upgrade to WordPress 3.2.1

In case of  the web site constructed by WordPress, please pay attention about the backup before you update or upgrade the wordpress or plugins.
Sometimes, the web site may not work due to the bug or the compositive environments.
In case of upgrade WordPress 3.2 to 3.2.1, this site did not work. As you know about our site policy, the site is aggressively upgrade latest version for testing and solving the troubles of other sites managed by us. Therefore, I report the tentative  bypass method.

[Trouble]: Apache log: exit signal Segmentation fault.
[How to fix]: 
  –  Download compat.php and copy to wp-includes/ folder.
  Maybe, I think that the trouble is the JSON compatibility for a plugin.
Because the issue solved when JSON module in PHP 5.3.6 was disabled.

[Related HP]:

[Other troubles]

  • (Fixed) Cannot work “Secure WordPress 2.0.2” plugin
      By coming new version 2.0.3, this issue was solved.
      Secure WordPress 2.0.2  began to use JSON technology in PHP. However, there are not some include files in this plugin folder.
      About the detail information, you had better see “WordPress.org Forum“.
      If your site does not work due to it, you try to move “wp-content/plugins/secure-wordpress” folder to other place like “wp-content/”. Of course, the operation needs to connect FTP or remote login in the server.

21 July, 2011: Chief of Information processing office: Kitani


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