Adobe Flash Player Released


The fixed version of Adobe Flash Player was released because of corresponding to the issue related to the animation (Not  the critical security vulnerabilities). About the detail information, please see Adobe Flash Player Release Notes.
Recently, the release interval of some web browser like Google Chrome and Firefox has become very short. Therefore, I feel that the release interval of Adobe Flash Player has been being hastened  more and more.
At any rate, Adobe Flash Player has been frequently updating, so I  strongly recommend to access to the following version check site.

If you use not only Internet Explorer but also other web browsers, please check  2 browsers of Internet Explorer and one of other web browsers.

* If you don’t know Adobe Flash Player, you can use it without thinking when you access to a web site. Adobe Flash Player is the plugin software  for playing the Flash contents, such as the menu, animation, video in a web site and so on. Therefore, almost machines except iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad are influenced.

31th  August, 2011 Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.


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