(Restored) KUINS-III Network was tentatively unavailable due to network loop


The KUINS-III network was tentatively unavailable at the following time. Fortunately, since this research institute network was not the cause KUINS (the network section of Kyoto University) solved the trouble in the short period of time in case of CSEAS network. 
Please keep in mind that if the cause is in CSEAS network, the network will be suspended for a long time. Therefore, please pay attention about the network loop in your room by reading the following explanation when you wire the network.

  • [Date]: December 19, 2011  14:30 (Discovered)  —> 14:45 (Restored)
  • [Influence Area]: All area in department of pharmacy (Including  east and common buidling, Library, Inamori Center)
  • [Cause]: Network Switch (HUB)  is runaway (Now, the runaway HUB in other department) is not being discovered yet.
  • [Operation]: The network area including the runaway HUB was forcibly shut down  by KUINS.

* Threat of Network LOOP

By user’s easy miss operation, not only user’s network HUB but many HUBs in the wide area will be gone out of control. This is very critical issue, please pay attention that  you must not  operate as follows:

  1. Both ends of LAN cable  must not connect to same network HUB (Figure 1).
  2. Both ends of LAN cable must not connect to  LAN wall sockets (Figure 2).

 19th December, 2011  Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.

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