(Done) Renwal of copy machine in the information processing office.


The copy machine in the Office will be replaced new machine in the following time. 
Therefore, the copy machine won’t be able to use  during the period. 

Basically, I think that the handling will be same as before because for the subsequent machine. Of course, there is new function. In Kyoto University, the copy machine has been managed with the rental system in every three years. And then, it is the integrated managerial system under Kyoto University. Therefore, the maker of the copy machine may change every three years. 

  • [Date]: February 27, 2012 (Monday)  13:00 — 17:00
  • [Influence]: Copy machine won’t be able to use  during the period. 
  • [Operation]
    • Replacement of the copy machine
    • Test of Printing function
    • Test of Scanner function
    • Connection test of the common PCs  in the Office.
  • [New Feature]
    • Storing to USB memory
    • Change the operation panel to the left side (from right side) 

9 February, 2012:  Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.

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