(Local) Beginning delivery of Sophos Antivirus 8 for Macintosh users.


* This announcement is only for the CSEAS Mac users. 

Today, Sophos Antivirus management system was upgraded by the Office. As a result, the software will be upgrade to version 8 automatically. 

After the software is upgraded, the software’s icon will be changed the black shield  to S盾マーク (Sophos Antivirus) mark.
You don’t need to worry because all operations will be automatically done.
If the CSEAS Sophos Antivirus software is unstable, please contact us. 

  • [Date]: May 1st, 2012  14:00  — 15:30
  • [Operations]
       1. Upgrade of Sophos Antivirus  Management System.
       2. Beginning Delivery of Sophos Antivirus  8.0.2

1st May, 2012  Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.

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