(Attention) Password leak issue of Twitter account


According to the news, On May 7, 2012, the passwords of the twitter account above 55,000 were leaked. About this case, it seems that we don’t need to worry because general users are not influenced.

However, we should consider about our password management because if the same password is used for locking the private information, such as an e-mail, an online shopping, or an online bank, its damage will be ruinous. 

  • I think that an unique password should be used for locking the private information.

Leaked Lists

According to the news, the following lists open to the public in  AirDemon blog. 
If you worry, you had better check the lists.
* About the following list, all links except v3 were removed on May 16, 2012. 

  • Twitter Account v1 – Pastebin.com
  • Twitter Accounts v2 – Pastebin.com
  • Twitter Accounts v3 – Pastebin.com
  • Twitter Accounts v4 – Pastebin.com
  • Twitter Accounts v5 – Pastebin.com


10th May, 2012  Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.
16th May, 2012: Additional Information. 

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