(Local) Final call of “PC Scan” implementation

Dear the division members in the Center.

As the Office has already informed  several times, the Center has managed the CSEAS security software license by doing “PC Scan” every year. In this fiscal year, its implementation was carried out during June, 2012. However, there are unscanned PCs.

About the unscanned PCs, the following measure will be taken. Therefore, PLEASE carry out “PC Scan” if you have the unscanned PC. Supervisors need strongly  instruct your management staff  to do  “PC Scan” by seeing the user list of te unscanned PC. 

Measure for unscanned PCs 

  • [Targets]:
     * Of course, the target is the PCs which the CSEAS security software is installed. 
  • [Measure]: The targeted PC will be interrupted from the network. And  will the CSEAS security software license will be revoked in the unscanned PCs.
     [Influence]: The targeted PC won’t use the every network services, such as web browsing, and so on.

  * Acceptance in the faculty meeting on July 26, 2012 (Decision of information environment management committee)

About PC Scan 

* If you can understand Japanese, 

  1. Please carry out “PC Scan”.
      PC Scanについて in 2012 
  2. When you complete “PC Scan” in your all PCs, please submits the report in “Completion Report”.

    * If you cannot do 2PC Scan” by the special reason (like error of PC Scan, long official trip, and so on), please contact the Office.

* else if you cannot understand Japanese,

* Detail information: About PC Scan


27 July, 2012: Deputy Director. Kono,  Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani. 

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