Kyoto University Library system called “KULINE” was Renewed.

Dear Division members.

Kyoto University Library system called “KULINE” was renewed.
By this renewal, there are the following notices. 

Emergency Maintenance

According to the announcement of KULINE web site (Announcement is only Japanese),  KULINE will be maintained at the following period because a user cannot login KULINE at some PCs or some networks.

  • August 29, 2012   18:00 — 19:00


Basically, if you have an inquiry regarding KULINE, please contact the Library of Kyoto University.

FAQ (Cannot login KULINE) 

According to the information of KULINE web site, please check the web proxy setting in your web browser. 
The network of Kyoto University requires the web proxy setting. However, it needs to be disabled in case of the local web sites in the network of Kyoto University.

The Office recommends to use the following web proxy setting.

Therefore, there are no problems in case of almost staffs.

If you cannot login KULINE in the Center’s PC provided by the Information processing office, please contact us.
Else, please contact the Library of Kyoto University.

29th August, 2012  Chief of Information  processing office: Kitani. 



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