Firefox 16 / Thunderbird 16 Released

Firefox 16 was released on October 9, 2012. About the detail information, please check the release note.  

The feature of this version is “VoiceOver support for Firefox”, “Web application support for Firefox”, and “Implementation of Silent Update for Thunderbird “. When new version comes, Thunderbird will automatically update itself. After it updated, new version  automatically enables when it is restarted.

New Features

  • (Firefox) Support of VoiceOver  function in MacOSX.
  • (Firefox) Initial Web application support.
  • (Firefox) Support of some languages.
  • (Thunderbird) Implementation of Silent Update
  • (Thunderbird) Added FileLink” function with the external online storage ( for sending  an attached document of large size.

Release Note

10th October, 2012  Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.
15th October, 2012: Addition of Thunderbird 16. 

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