(KUINS) Temporary Network Suspension (Resolved)


According to Management committee of Kyoto University Integrated Network Services (KUINS), the instant power failure was occurred in Yoshida campus due to the trouble of KANSAI electric power company.
Therefore, the Kyoto University network was suspended in the following perod. 

  • [Date]: November 21, 2012  11:01 — 11:05
  • [Influence]: Yoshida Campus
  • [Reason]: Trouble of KANSAI electric power company

I think that the core network machines (HUB) in Inamori Center and the Center  were not out of order because the countermeasure system for the instant power failure was installed. If you cannot access to the Internet, please contact Information Processing Office.

21st November, 2012: Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.

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