Tentative Network Service Suspension

Dear all,

According to the announcement of the media center, some network service will be temporarily suspended during the following period due to the network maintenance of Kyoto University.

1. Maintenance of Kyoto University network

[Date]: 20th – 27th  December, 2016 (1 week)
[Influence]: Basically, the network isn’t stopped by the maintenance, but the network services  will rarely be unstable during the period.
Influenced services: Web browsing of outside of Kyoto University, VPN (IKEv2) connection,  Wi-Fi  (KUINS-Air | eduroam) . Please see the announcement by the media center about the detail information.

2. Suspension of Web sites and E-mail service.

[Date]: 26th December, 2016 (Monday)  3:00 — 6:00
[Influence]:  All Center’s web sites except some web site and e-mail service (@cseas.kyoto-u.ac.jp) will be suspended during the period. If you or other people will send to/from the Center’s e-mail address during the period, they will be delivered after the maintenance will be finished.

21th Decembter, 2016: Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.


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