(Attention) Don’t install the “Fake Security Software”

Dear all,

The information processing office discovered the fake security software.

This is adware for commercial use.
And PLEASE keep in mind as below.

  • You should not install any security software as instructed  the alert message!

If the following alert message displays, please ignore it.

  • “Scanning your PC… Your PC is infected with a computer virus and you need to fix it! Please install our software for cleaning up it!

Then, please contact the information processing office as soon as possible.

Neglect is dangerous!

The degree of risk for a fake security software may be low, but it may download & install the other dangerous malware or mislead into a fake phishing site and leak a private information (your credit card).

Therefore, please contact the information processing office if you think your PC done unwanted activity.

Please see other cases!

The information processing office informed about the following face antivirus.
If you think that Mac is secure, it’s wrong! The Center provides not only Windows but also Mac security software.
And please keep in mind that you have to install the Center’s security software if you want  to connect your PC to the Center’s LAN.

  • Advanced System Protector
  • RegClean Pro
  • Mac Defender

27th June, 2017 Information Processing Office.

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