KUINS Visitor’s Account Service


  • Please provide 1 account for each guest. We will contact you if fraudulent use is confirmed by any chance.
  • Please keep the record of the users’ information for 3 months from the account’s expiration date.
  • There are two types of eduroam visitor accounts: [Up to 1month] and [Up to 1 week]. The number of accounts that can be issued by 1 person is as follows:Maximum 10 items for [Up to 1month] & Maximum 100 items for [Up to 1week]

In detail, please see Accounts for visitors.

The Center strongly recommend to publish for only a full-time faculty under the his/her responsibility because there is heavy responsibility.

About this account?

The purpose is to provide the network service for visitors under the KUINS (Kyoto University Integrated Network Service). About this service, please contact the following section in Kyoto University.


PLEASE keep the published ID with the contact information of the user for 3 months.

Faculty must strictly manage the user security under the network policy
Rules regarding information security policy in Kyoto University.
At least, please check the following rules.

  1. The Transmission of the invasion of privacy and copyright.
  2. The use of P2P software, such as BitTorrent, WinMX, and so on.
    *Skype, LINE, Google Talk, iChat can be used.

How to publish the Visitor’s ID?