Wired LAN service with Web Authorization (Kyoto University members only)

About This (Kyoto University members only)

This is the common service of Kyoto University (not the CSEAS service).
If you’d like to ask about this service, please contact the following address.

  • Network section of Information Division of Kyoto University.
     - Local Phone: 7841
     - Supporting Time: 8:30 – 17:15 (only weekday)

Since October 25, 2011, a new network service called “Web Certification System” was prohibitively installed to not only Inamori Hall but also the middle meeting room by the Network section in the Information division of Kyoto University. This service can only use SPS-ID and ECS-ID.

In detail: “Information socket with Web authentication“.


Please see “設置場所一覧” (PDF) in “Web認証付き情報コンセント” (Only Japanese information).

How to use it

  1. Connect your PC to special LAN cable.
  2. Start your Web browser.
  3. Open a web page which begins from “http://”.
  4. When the following message is appeared, push “OK” button.
  5. Input ID and Password for this service.
    ID: SPS-ID or ECS-ID (Kyoto University ID)
  6. When the success message appears, please try to use the Internet.