How to set the two-step verification to Google account

The mechanism of the two-step verification is to add the other verification process except for the password.

In detail, please see the official document.

What is required for two-step varification?

One of the following devices is needed.

  • Smart phone
  • Tablet
  • Security Key
  • Landline

If the landline or SMS is used on the two-step varification, it needs to permit a call or SMS from the overseas.

The influence when the two-step verification is enabled

When the two-step verification is enabled, an email software and app which don’t response Google authentication protocol (OAuth2) cannot access to Google account. Please see the following explanation.

In case of Thunderbird (E-mail software) response OAuth2 protocol by the special setting. If you use software or app which don’t response OAuth2 protocol, please create the App Password each software and app, and change the password to the App Password.

Points to note about two-step verification

If CSEAS Google Account cannot sign in, please contact the information processing office.
If a free Google Account cannot sign in, it is hard to recovery the Google Account.

If you lost the device which is used for Google two-step verification,  please do the follwoing troubleshooting.

Then, we recommend to set the recovery options beforehand.

  1. Google Recovery Options
  2. Sign in with backup codes

Two-step verification methods

There are a lot of methods

Depending on the device you use, the available options are different. Broadly speaking, they are divided into two categories: offline and online. Therefore, we recommend to set 2 or more methods.

  1. Security key
    • USB Security key (offline)
    • Bluetooth Security key
    • Smartphone Security key (iPhone, Android) (online + Bluetooth)
  2. Phone prompt (Gmail / Google app) (online)
    • Smart phone, Tablet
  3. Authentication app (Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator) (offline)
    • Smart phone, Tablet
  4. SMS
    • Smart phone
  5. Voice telephone
    • Smart phone, landline

For more information on security keys and phone prompts, please refer to the information in above link.

At least, we recommend to set 2 or more methods including offline and online.

  • Phone prompt + Authentication app
  • Phone prompt + Security key

How to enable the two-step verification

Please see above document.

If you have a question regarding the CSEAS Account, please contact the information processing office.

9th April, 2020