How to remove Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac

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I think that it becomes difficult to uninstall the software. Moreover, MacOSX Lion (MacOS 10.7) hides “Library” folder. Recently, there was the case example which cannot be uninstalled. Therefore, I’d like to explain how to remove the software in step by step.

Step 1) Find out “Terminal” application.

  1. Open “Macintosh HD”, open “Applications” folder.
  2. Open “Utilities” folder.
  3. Do you find out “Terminal” application?

Step 2) Open “library” folder in the “Macintosh HD”

  1. Open “Terminal” application.
  2. Type “open /Library” and push “Enter” button.
  3. Did “Library” folder open?

 Step 3) Find out “Remove Sophos  Anti-Virus.pkg” file.

  1. Open “Sophos Anti-Virus” folder.
  2. Did you find out “Remove Sophos  Anti-Virus.pkg”?

 Step 4) Remove “Sophos Anti-Virus” software

  1. Open “Remove Sophos  Anti-Virus.pkg” file and uninstall “Sophos Anti-Virus” software.
  2. And then, restart Macintosh

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