(Notice) PLEASE take care of Mac virus called “Flashback” in fashion.

Dear Users.

Recently, it seems that Mac virus called “Flashback” is in fashion. Moreover, it seems that  stronger viruses are producing by improving this virus. In additional information (March 6, 2012), the security vendor detected that it uses Twitter application for camouflaging an source of attack.

The Center has installed the anti-virus software called “Sophons Antivirus” to all PCs, but please check Recommendation of PC Security Check (Windows/Macintosh) again.

And then, if you have a PC for home, I strongly recommend the installation of an Anti-Virus software.

On April 13, 2012, Apple co. provided the special removal tool through “Software Update”. Please carry out it if you don’t recently do it. 

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About “Flashback”

When you see a web site or a forum, your Mac may be infected with this virus. Concretely, This virus tries to infect by  using the fake installer of  “Adobe Flash Player”. When the installer runs, if you neglect the security maintenance of your Mac, it will be forcibly infected. Even if you have been doing thoroughgoing safety measure except anti-virus software  to your Mac, it will be infected by allowing the installation (Dialog box will be displayed). 

Therefore, this is very serious issue that cannot solve only with your attention.

What happen after a Mac is infected with Flashback?

  • The virus tried to embed the attacked code to the network applications, such as a web browser, e-mail software, Skype and so on. And then, it tries to get your ID and password.
  • Your network applications may be unstable.

Countermeasure to Flashback

  1. You always remind to use latest version of the applications, such as OS, Java, Adobe, and so on.
      Please see Recommendation of PC Security Check (Windows/Macintosh).
  2. Installation and update of the Anti-Virus software.
     The Center’s Anti-Virus software (Sophos Antivirus) detects the virus (“OSX/Flshplyr-A”). However, it seems that many improved version has been producing, so you should remind  about Recommendation of PC Security Check (Windows/Macintosh)
    If you have a Mac for home, please consider the installation of the anti-virus software.
    (Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition or other softwares)

24 February, 2012:  Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.
6 Match, 2012: Added. 

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