(KUINS) Influence due to the upgrade of “eduroam” system

Eduroam JP users.

When you use Eduroam JP service utilizing the linkage network of some Universities, in some cases, your device might become unavailable since the following time.

  • [Date]: April 26, 2012 (Thursday)  Afternoon
  • [Operation]: Renewal of Server certification system for the connection of secure wireless network.
  • [Influence]: If your device is setting up “Verity  server certification”, it will become unavailable.

When the trouble occurs, please remove the eduroam setting and  do the setup again (Reference: How to use the public wireless network of Kyoto University).

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In case of iOS (confirmation is iOS5.1)

Your device cloud not access to the eduroam network. Please do the following operation.

  1. When you tap  Setting –> Wi-Fi –> eduroam, the following message will display.
    Sorry, this picture is in Japanese, but maybe you can understand the operation.
  2. Tap “Accept” button, so you can use the eduroam network again.

In case of  MacOSX Lion

When you access to the eduroam network, the following message will display.
Please  click on “Continue” and input your password for administrated of your PC, so you will be able to continue to use.

eduroamの再認証(MacOSX Lion)


24th April, 2012   Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani
26th April, 2012  Added. 

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