(Additional) Tentative Network Service Suspension

Dear all.

According to the announcement by committee of Kyoto University Integrated Network Services (KUINS),The main part of Kyoto University Network Service will be suspended more than one day.

  •  [Date]: December 15 (Saturday) 9:00 — 16 (Sunday) 12:00

As I already informed about the renewal of main server for E-mail and Web services at between December 15 (Saturday) 0:00 and 24:00, various network  services will be suspended during above period.

About the detail information, please see my e-mail.

 7th December, 2012: Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.

Dear all.

As a result of adjusting the schedule again about (Postpone) Tentative Network Service Suspension, the operation will be carried out during the following period.

  •  [Date]: December 15, 2012 (Saturday) 0:00 – 24:00 (All day)
  • [Influence]: The CSEAS network services, such as CSEAS e-mail (@cseas.kyoto-u.ac.jp) and web sites, will be suspended during the period. 
  • [Operation]:
        1. Replacement of CSEAS server among Universal computer system of Kyoto University
             (0:00 — 24:00 by Media Center)
        2. Check of all CSEAS systems in the server
             (After the replacement is finished, I will check the system.)


6 December, 2012: Chief of Information Processing Office, CSEAS: Kitani.

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