[Notice] Please delete QuickTime for Windows.

Dear Windows Users.

Please delete “QuickTime for Windows” in your all Windows PCs as soon as possible.

Please be careful that it might have been installed if you installed iTunes software.

Macintosh Users don’t need to worry because there is not the issue in QuickTime for Macintosh!

How to delete it


According to the announcement of Kyoto University (Japanese), there are several critical security vulnerabilities in  “QuickTime for Windows” software. QuickTime is the famous multimedia player, so it is possible that your PC is  subjected to illegal access if you open a content.  According to the alert by US-CERT (United States Computer Emergency Team),  Apple ended the support for QuickTime for Windows.  In other words, the critical security vulnerabilities are not modified.

Therefore, the delete of QuickTime for Windows is needed  for avoiding the security threat.

20th April, 2016  Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.

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