[Notice]: Please prevent the forcible schedule of Windows 10 Upgrade

Dear all.

Recently, there are many troubles regarding Windows 10 Upgrade.

  1. The PC cannot work (Windows OS cannot work).
  2. Network cannot connect.
  3. Microsoft Office (Word/Excel/PowerPoint) cannot work.

There are various reason, such as the PC is not compatible with Windows 10 or need to install Windows 10 drivers. Before you upgrade to Windows 10, please see the PC manufacturer’s web site. Especially, please keep in mind that the upgrade will be done even if the “OK” button in the upgrade notice dialog wasn’t clicked. In other words, the upgrade will be done if the cancel process (seeing the upgrade notice) isn’t done by the user. This is very confusing process, so many troubles has been occurring.

Windows 10 Upgrade is recommended, but the upgrade schedule adjustment is very important. Therefore, if you don’t want to upgrade to Windows 10 immediately, please block the automatic upgrade schedule setting of Windows 10.

Reactivation of Microsoft Office license

After the PC was upgraded to Windows 10, please check Microsoft Office license (Please refer to Microsoft support page).
In some case, Microsoft Office will require the reactivation of  Microsoft Office license after the Office runs at several times (about 30 times). Product Key is needed to reactivate it.

Windows 10 is cool OS!

  Windows 10 is improved various security systems, so we recommend to use the latest OS. However, the OS upgrade without a plan is not recommended.

Deadline of Free Windows 10 Upgrade will be until July 29th, 2016

 Before you upgrade to Windows 10, please check the information regarding Windows 10 Upgrade from PC manufacturer’s and software company’s web sites as much as possible and back up the data in the PC. If the PC is used for affairs, please contact to IT administrator or administrative section in your department, first.
And then, if you can keep sufficient time for Windows 10 Upgrade, we recommend it.

I introduce the tool to avoid Windows 10 Upgrade, but its aim is to avoid the influence of administration work.

How to upgrade Windows 10

There are two ways.

  1. Check off the prevention settings using the following tool.
  2. Create the installation media for Windows 10 upgrade and manually upgrade.

In case 1, if you want to schedule the upgrade time, please see “Windows 10 upgrade: How-to information on scheduling and notifications” (Microsoft).

How to prevent Windows 10 Upgrade

Please see “Windows 10 upgrade: How-to information on scheduling and notifications” (Microsoft).
However, if it is difficult to recognize the operation, please see the following tool.

This tool is only support in Japanese, but I would like to explain how to use it.

There are two checkbox.

  1. Prevention of Windows 10 Upgrade on Windows Update
    • Yes
    • No
  2. Hide “Get Windows 10” notification in the task tray
    • Yes, the notification is disabled.
    • Ni, the notification is enabled.

If Windows 10 Upgrade is done

The Center’s staff contacts Information Processing Office.
If you cannot contact immediately, please check the status of security software (ESET). If ESET cannot work or the virus definition cannot be updated, please uninstall ESET and install it again.

If you want to downgrade (recover) to old OS.

26th May, 2016 Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.

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