[Note]: Next version of MacOSX and iOS will remove “PPTP connection”.

MacOSX and iOS Users.

Apple said, “iOS 10 and macOS Sierra will remove PPTP connection.“.
As you know, Kyoto University has been providing the PPTP connection for accessing to the local services, such as the online journal in the Library, from the outside of Kyoto University. It means that their services won’t be available on next MacOSX (macOS Sierra) and iOS 10 from the outside of Kyoto University.

It’s very critical issue.

Use of  the PPTP connection of Kyoto University

I recommend to wait to upgrade to macOS Sierra and iOS 10 until the alternate method will be informed.

Use of the other PPTP connection service (Not provided by Kyoto University)

You need to ask the service provider.
Apple supports more secure methods, such as L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2/IPSec, and so on.
Please see “Prepare for removal of PPTP VPN before you upgrade to iOS 10 and macOS Sierra” (Apple support).

Upgrade is needed!

The OS Upgrade is needed because of  receiving the OS support and keeping the security. However, especially, I recommend to wait to upgrade to new OS for several weeks or until the IT section in your department will announce.

19th September, 2016: Chief of Information Procssing Office: Kitani.


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