[Windows Users]: If you are using ESET 7.1 or previous version of the CSEAS security software, you need to upgrade!

Dear all,

If you are using a version of ESET that is currently too old (ESET 7.1 or previous version), the following problems will occur since September 30, 2021.

ESET won’t work properly with Windows Update on Sept. 30, 2021!

After changes in the Windows OS specifications on 30th September 2021 by Windows Update, the ESET won’t work, the virus definition won’t be updated, or other problems will occur.

Reference: https://eset-support.canon-its.jp/faq/show/17140?site_domain=business (Japanese)

How to check the ESET version.

  1. Open ESET software.
  2. See “Product version” on the Help and Support menu.

If the version you are using is ESET 7.1 or the previous version, please upgrade to the latest version by referring to a separate email notification. Of course, we recommend using the latest version (ESET 8.0) if you use ESET 7.2 or 7.3.
Basically, you can just overwrite the installation.

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