[Mac Users] Support for the release of the new OS “macOS 13 Ventura”

Dear All

The new Mac OS “macOS 13 Ventura” was released on October 25, 2012(JST).

v7.2.1600, which is a supported version of the Institute’s security software (ESET), is now available for download (for Institute SPS-ID holders only).

It is possible that support for macOS 10.15 Catalina, which is the fourth previous version, has expired. If you are using Catalina or earlier, we recommend upgrading to macOS Big Sur or later.

For devices that cannot install Ventura, it may be possible to upgrade to an earlier version, so please give it a try.

Notes on the Institute’s security software (ESET) for OS upgrades

If you are upgrading your OS, please remove ESET once before upgrading, and then download and install the Ventura-compatible ESET(v7.2.1600) after the upgrade.

*If you do not follow the procedure, you may lose connection to the Internet. If this happens, please download the uninstallation tool from the following link on another device, copy it to the relevant device, and execute it

For details, please refer to the “PC” section of the applications for use page on the HP of Information Processing Office.

25th October, 2022

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