Lifelong ID (e-mail) service for Professor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus can get ECD-ID (Student account of Kyoto Univresity) and can use various Kyoto University local service, such as e-mail, Library, and network.

Lifelong email service

When Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University gets the ECS-ID, the ID can be used as lifelong ID (including e-mail). Professor Emeritus doesn’t need to update the ID.

How to get the ECD-ID, please see the following web information.

In case of getting Grand-in-Aid budget

When Professor Emeritus  get the Grand-in-Aid budget by Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University,  please check the following procedures.

  1. Get ECS-ID and participate the e-Learning course “Proper Use of Research Grants”.
  2. Get special SPS-ID for the budget (Contact the person in charge of the budget administration office) and access to the budget procedure system (require Kyoto University ID card authorization)  in Kyoto University Faculty Groupware.

*For Kyoto University ID card authorization, the special driver and setting to your PC are needed.

  • It seems that Internet Explorer on old OS (WindowsXP and Vista) cannot access to the system. If you use Windows Vista, please try to use Firefox browser. And then, we recommend to consider about purchase of new PC if you use Windows Vista because Windows Vista support  will be ended on April 2017.

5th April, 2016