Lifelong ID (e-mail) service for Professor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus can get ECD-ID (Student account of Kyoto University) and can use various Kyoto University local services, such as e-mail, Library, and network.

Lifelong email service

When the Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University gets the ECS-ID, the ID can be used as a lifelong ID (including e-mail). Professor Emeritus doesn’t need to update the ID.

How to get the ECD-ID, please see the following web information.

In case of getting Grand-in-Aid budget

When Professor Emeritus gets the Grand-in-Aid budget from the Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University,  please check the following procedures.

  1. Get ECS-ID and participate the e-Learning course “Proper Use of Research Grants”.
  2. Get a special SPS-ID for the budget (Contact the person in charge of the budget administration office) and access the budget procedure system for the special SPS-ID holders.
  3. To sign in to the financial accounting system from off-campus, a VPN connection is required; please use ECS-ID for a VPN connection.

5th April, 2016
29th December, 2022