(Attention) Suspension of ECS-ID for the educational account.


* If you have SPS-ID, please use it instead of ECS-ID*. SPS-ID has been published for all staffs, so ECS-ID is published for non-staff users, like students and visiting researchers.

ECS-ID users have to do the update procedure every year at the media center of Kyoto University. The media center has been suspending ECS-ID at  July every year. If you don’t do it, your ECS-ID was suspended, so you cannot use the common services of Kyoto University, like wireless network, online journal in Library, and so on.

If you cannot use ECS-ID, please use the following inquiry page.

About the detail information of Library Online Journal, please see the announcement of Kyoto University Library Network site.

* ECS-ID means Educational Computer System ID. The head character of the account name is  “a”. In the Center, the ID is used by a part of visiting faculties and visiting foreign researchers.

10th August, 2011  Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.
17th August, 2011: Added the link information to inquiry page .


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