Could not send an e-mail message after Thunderbird was upgraded to version 17.


After Thunderbird was upgraded to version 17, you may not be able to send an e-mail message or hang up Thunderbird software when you click on “Reply” button in Thunderbird.
As a result of investigating, the Office could find out the avoidance method. 

What’s happen?

This is the compatibility issue between “QuickText” plugin for Thunderbird and Thunderbird 17. 

This plugin can be utilized for using various fixed phrase, such as  plural signatures.  
(I think that the explanation of web site is kind.)

How to avoid this trouble

If you use “QuickText” plugin, PLEASE  install (overwrite) the special version (  for Thunderbird 17.

How to update it?

  1. Download plugin file from .
  2. Open Thunderbird software and select “Add-ons” menu in the “Tools” upper menu.
  3. Drop&Drop the downloaded plugin file to the add-ons management window.
    – Detail information: (Please see “How do I install an add-on?”.)


7 December, 2012 Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.

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