What kind of Wi-Fi service can foreigners use in Japan?

Sometimes, the foreign staff asked for how to use the Wi-Fi at their destination (like a hotel) in Japan.
First, you had better check the Wi-Fi service at your destination. Unfortunately, the following information may be helpful if there is no service.
The information was gathered from websites, so if you’d like to know the detailed information, please contact the service provider.


Local Information at Kyoto

1. Use Kyoto Wi-Fi

Kyoto city and its partners have provided two free Wi-fi services for everyone in Kyoto city.

  • Kyoto Wi-Fi (Web Authorization)
  • Kyoto_Wifi2 (Guest code)

Please see the website about how to use it.

  • Please note that you should not use your private information in the free Wi-fi for security reasons!
    At least, in the case of free Wi-fi, you only use a secure service, such as Gmail.


General Information

1. Use of Free Wi-Fi service provided by NTT

2. Use the Rental service of the mobile router

3. Use the Prepaid SIM (Purchase)

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