How to duplicate a profile of Apple Configurator

The special operation is needed to duplicate a profile of Apple Configurator. Thus, I’d like to note the special method.

Apple Configurator is the integrated management tool for iOS devices, such as iPad and iPhone. The information processing office manages 7 iPad devices for OPAC Library search.

1. Export a profile

Start up Apple Configurator, select a profile and click on a export button.

スクリーンショット 2015-07-07 11.47.11

2. Edit a profile data

Bug? I don’t know, but a binary data at  the header and the footer is involved by Apple Configurator. At least, you need to remove the binary data at the header part because Apple Configurator cannot import the profile data.
Therefore, open the profile data by a editor software equipped with both of a binary and a text.

The following two software can open the profile data with a binary data.

But, CotEditor and Sublime Text cannot correctly open it.

1. Remove a binary data at the header.

Remove a binary data before <?xml version=”1.0 …

スクリーンショット 2015-07-07 11.53.35

Open a profile with Xcode

スクリーンショット 2015-07-07 11.57.44

Open a profile with Carbon Emacs

2. Removal a binary data at the footer

Remove a binary data behind “</plist>“.

スクリーンショット 2015-07-07 12.12.09

3. Change a value in PayloadDisplayName (2 items)

<string>Profile Name</string>
<string>Computer name.*****….</string>

By changing 2 values,  Apple Configurator understands that it  is different profile.
Basically, Apple Configuration checks the value of “PayLoadIdentifier” in PayLoadDisplayName.

4. Other values in PayloadIdentifier

<string>Computer name.*****…</string>

If you’d like to open your created profile to the public, you had better change them.

When you import new profile to Apple Configurator, new profile name will be registered.

< string>Profile name</string>

If “PayloadIdentifier” value in PayLoadDisplayName is different, the profiles will be imported even if the profile name in 2 profiles is same. Of course, I don’t recommend same profile name because you may confuse.

Let’s enjoy the iOS device management  for duplicating a profile!!

7th July, 2015 Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.


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