Announcement of the new security system for the network of Kyoto University via the DNS server.

Dear all, According to the following information, Kyoto University Network (KUINS) will install the new security system to the network of Kyoto University via the DNS servers. [Add security features to DNS servers] *The blocked screenshot image in the link can only be viewed from within the network of Kyoto University. Our Center’s network will be affected after the following time and date. [Date]: February 28, 2024 after 13:00 [Influence]: When information devices connected to the Kyoto University network access a website, access to the site will be blocked if the security system installed by Kyoto University identifies the site as malware or phishing. If you have been blocked...Read More

Troubleshooing: Can’t access the local service of Kyoto University regardless of connecting through KUINS IKEv2 (VPN). all, The following inquiries are increasing. Can’t access the local service of Kyoto University regardless of connecting through KUINS IKEv2 (VPN). The common denominator in these cases is A device is not connected to the Kyoto University network. A device uses an IPv6 network. If your device occurs the trouble, please see the following troubleshooting. STEP 1. Confirm the IP address after IKEv2 is connected. Please use the global IP address check site like above the site and check the global IP address assigned to your device (dynamically changing). If the global IP address is not the following range (Kyoto University), your device is not connected to the Kyoto...Read More

[Notice]: 15-inch MacBook Pro Battery Recall Program

Dear all, Apple has announced the battery recall Program for some 15-inch MacBook Pro units due to the battery may overheat and pose a fire safety risk. 15-inch MacBook Pro Battery Recall Program (Apple Official announcement) If you have 15inch MacBook Pro, please run the check program above Apple Official announcement. Then, please follow the instructions of the check system. Of course, you don’t forgot the backup of your data! How to back up your data. Back up your Mac with Time Machine Use of Cloud Service like CSEAS Google Drive Use of External medias, such as USB HDD 24th June, 2019  Information Processing Office.  


The input system of the electric backboard at the Seminar room (I213), Inamori Center was broken. Now, it was repaired. [Date]: November 8th – 20th  [How to repair it]: Replacement of the motherboard. We are sorry for inconvenience.

[Critical Notice: For Mac Users]: Attention to Upgrade to new macOS 10.14 (Mojave)

Dear all, New macOS 10.14 (Mojave) will be launched out at 25th September. To upgrade macOS is very easy operation, but please keep in mind that some software might not be worked on new OS. Ex. Office 2011 for Mac might not be worked on new OS because Office 2011 support was ended already. Please upgrade to Office 2016 for Mac. Need to upgrade CSEAS ESET! If CSEAS ESET installs to your Mac, the ESET has to upgrade before you upgrade macOS. If you forgot it, the Mac might be  unstable or ESET might not  be worked. This is very critical issue under the information security policy of CSEAS. For...Read More

How to duplicate a profile of Apple Configurator

The special operation is needed to duplicate a profile of Apple Configurator. Thus, I’d like to note the special method. Apple Configurator is the integrated management tool for iOS devices, such as iPad and iPhone. The information processing office manages 7 iPad devices for OPAC Library search. 1. Export a profile Start up Apple Configurator, select a profile and click on a export button. 2. Edit a profile data Bug? I don’t know, but a binary data at  the header and the footer is involved by Apple Configurator. At least, you need to remove the binary data at the header part because Apple Configurator cannot import the profile data. Therefore, open the profile data...Read More

[Fixed]: Delayed or Unreached E-mail due to Trouble of Name Service in Kyoto University

Dear all, According to the announcement from the network center of Kyoto University, During the following period, the e-mail in Kyoto University (including the Center) had been delayed or unreached due to the trouble of Name service in Kyoto University. [Date]: November 11  17:00  — 12  17:00 (for one day) [Influence]:  In case of sending or receving the e-mail in Kyoto University, it might be replied the error message, such as “Host Unknown” or “Host not found”. If the error message was received when you or a sender sent the message or you worry, please resends the message.   14th November, 2014 Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.  

(Done) Renewal of PC environments for Visiting Foreign Researchers

Users. For two years, the PC environments for visiting foreign researchers were renewed. Date: January 1, 2012 (Monday) Place: E408, E410 in the east buidling Contents: Renewal of 3 PCs and 2 Printers. And then, the maintenance of all PCs. New Machines 6 PCs (Windows7 Professional 64bit English version)     Microsoft Office 2010 in English  2 Printers (Brother HL-5350DN)     The printer driver of Hong Kong was installed because for installing English driver..  30 Jaunary, 2012   Chief of  Information Processing Office.

Tentative suspension of network connection

Dear all. Management Committee of Kyoto University Integrated Network Service (KUINS) informed the network administrator of all departments about the following network service suspension. [Date]:  December  15, 2011 (Thursday)   12:00 — 13:00  (40 seconds operation will be done 3 time) [Reason]: Upgrade firmware of the core network machines in KUINS. (Maybe, fix of security vulnerability) [Place]:   East and Common building, Library, and Inamori Center. [Influence]: The network connection may be temporarily unstable during this time, but I think that users don’t need to worry because this operation time is too short. * Information source in Japanese (KUINS). 8th December, 2011  Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.  

(Announcement) Unstable network of Kyoto University due to replace the DNS servers.

Dear all. The servers for Domain Name Service (DNS) of Kyoto University will be replaced at the following period. During this period, some network might become unstable. [Date]:  December 13, 2011 (Tuesday) 12:00 – 13:00 December 14, 2011 (Wednesday)  12:00 – 13:00  [Operation]: Replacement of DNS server for KUINS-II / III. This operation will be carried out by the management committee of Kyoto University Integrated Network Services (KUINS). 9th December, 2011  Chief of Information Processing Office: Kitani.