Announcement of the new security system for the network of Kyoto University via the DNS server.

Dear all,

According to the following information, Kyoto University Network (KUINS) will install the new security system to the network of Kyoto University via the DNS servers.

[Add security features to DNS servers]
*The blocked screenshot image in the link can only be viewed from within the network of Kyoto University.

Our Center’s network will be affected after the following time and date.

[Date]: February 28, 2024 after 13:00

[Influence]: When information devices connected to the Kyoto University network access a website, access to the site will be blocked if the security system installed by Kyoto University identifies the site as malware or phishing.

If you have been blocked and suspect a false positive detection, please contact the KUINS support office(*1)

*1 Please see

Information Processing Office.

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